Chuk BioDegradable Disposable and Eco-Friendly Meal Tray (4 Compartment) – Set of 25

Original price was: ₹729.00.Current price is: ₹436.00.

  • 100% SAFE : Throw your Worries out the Window as Chuk is Completely Natural, has no Carcinogens Or Toxic Chemicals. We keep your family Safe.
  • HYGIENIC : Our Products have no Touch manufacturing. So be rest Assured about Hygiene.
  • STURDY : Its sturdy Design won’t let your Favourite Biryani fall, yet its Lightweight enough to Hold and Carry.
  • CONVENIENT: It’s an All in One, No kidding! Its Microwaveable, Ovenable , Freezable and no Washing needed.
  • LEAK PROOF : There is no Leakage whatsoever. So, go ahead Lick that Butter Chicken off our Plate – Promise we won’t Tell.
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